Cable (wire rope)



  • 3/16″ dia. 7×19 construction  = 840 lb. working load 4200 lb. break strength
  • 1/4″ dia. 7×19 construction = 1400lb. working load 7000 lb. break strength.
  • Very Flexible, Excellent Strength, Fatigue Resistant
  • Resists Crushing

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Commonly used on batting cage installations, running rigging on sailboats, excessive equipment, winches and control cables. 7×19 wire rope cable is the best all around cable for most applications. Zinc (galvanized) coated steel cable is the most common type of cable. It offers moderate corrosion resistance, and remains ductile over long periods when running over sheaves. Use with optional pulleys if you plan on sliding out of the way like a curtain.



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