Batting Cage Package Deal w/Protective Screen and “BP Catcher”



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Package Deal Includes:

Looking for Batting Cage Package Deal?

Look No Further! Our Commercial Baseball Batting Cage Package Deal comes complete with nothing left to buy. All products are built with quality craftsmanship and materials, guaranteeing years of quality playing time. Installation Instructions provide you with all you need for a quick and easy assembly.

If you’re in the market for a complete batting cage system, look no further! No matter how small or large your space is, we’re sure to have the batting cage package to fit needs and budget. When shopping for a batting cage, getting a batting cage package deal can simplify the setup process by including everything you need to setup and start playing. This package includes a Batting Cage Frame, a Batting Cage Net, Protective Screen (L-Screen, Softball Pitcher’s Screen, or a Soft-toss Screen) and The “BP Catcher” pitching target. Only at Ultimate Sport Gyms will you find such a great deal. With this deal, the only thing you need is a batter and pitcher and you are ready to perfect your hitting game. If you want to go a step further, add some turf and a batter’s box mat and be the envy of your peers.

Not sure what package is right for you?

Searching for the right baseball batting cage package can be tricky with the number of options that are available. If you feel you need to speak to one of our specialists to get the right batting cage package, feel free to call or contact us today and we can answer all your questions and concerns.

Assembly Instructions
Twine Size (ply)Break Strength (lbs.)Net TypeLife Span (yrs.)Warranty (yrs.)
#62 – (3.5 mm)265HDPE Knotless – Square Hung – Professional7-105
#42 – (108 ply)373Nylon Knotted – Square Hung – Professional7-105
#42 – (60 ply)220HDPE Knotted – Square Hung – Professional/College6-84
#42 – (3.0 mm)190HDPE Knotless – Diamond Hung – College/High School4-63
#36 – (96 ply)340Nylon Knotted – Square Hung – Professional/College6-84
#36 – (54 ply)189HDPE Knotted – Square Hung – College/High School5-73
#36 – (2.5 mm)154HDPE Knotless – Diamond Hung – High School/Middle School4-62
#24 – (42 ply)148HDPE Knotted – Square Hung – Middle School/Rec. League4-62
#21 – (36 ply)128HDPE Knotted – Square Hung – Rec. League/Residential3-51
#18 – (27 ply)98HDPE Knotted – Square Hung – Residential2-41

All our batting cages are assembled with high quality materials and craftsmanship in a ISO9002 certified manufacturing facility. Because our cages are hand made, from the finest materials, we rarely have to deal with warranty issues. Our policy is to promptly and enthusiastically repair or replace at our option any product that is defective in materials or workmanship. You return the product to us, and we will pay for the shipping back to you. Naturally, netting products do incur normal wear and tear, and normal wear and tear is not considered a defect. If the product isn’t defective, but you change your mind, we will still accept returns on stock items. For custom orders we can’t accept returns, nor can we accept order cancellations after we have cut the netting. Stock items must be returned to us within 15 days and the product must be unused. We will reimburse you for the price you paid less a nominal 15% restocking charge. Naturally we don’t reimburse your shipping charges.


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