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If you looking for an economical Indoor/Outdoor Commercial Batting Cage Net our High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) nets are the best choice for you. They are UV treated to protect them from the outdoor elements. HDPE nets do not absorb water and therefore are not prone to rot, mold or mildew and therefore hold up well when used in outdoor applications.

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HDPE Batting Cage Nets

Manufactured in an ISO 9002 certified facility, our Commercial Quality Baseball Batting Cage Nets are assembled with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. This net is made from a High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Twisted Twine with a 1 3/4″ Square Hung knotted baseball mesh. For longer life, during the manufacturing process, the highest levels of UV protection is molded into the twine fibers ensuring superior resistance to fading and breakdown. The net has full sewn rope borders w/Center Rib line in the ceiling for extra suspension points. The 5/16″ braided rope borders of the net are secured with a Posi-Lock stitch.  The rope is first weaved through each mesh, from there the machines tightly weaves a thick cord around the borders in a positive locking pattern called Posi-Lock. This provides a strong possible bond between the rope and netting.  An excellent choice for outdoor or indoor applications!

  • High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Square Hung Knotted Net
  • Net Only (Frames Sold Separately)(Package Deals Available)
  • Square mesh runs horizontally for nicer hanging net
  • Posi-Lock stitching for a strong bond between the rope and net
  • Overlap of netting on end for easy entry in the corner (access door)
  • 6′ rope tails at corners for ease of installation
  • Net Sizes Run Height’ (h) x Width’ (w) x Length’ (l)
  • An excellent choice for Both Indoor or Outdoor applications!

Twine Size (ply)Break Strength* (lbs.)Net TypeTwine QualityLife Span (yrs.)Warranty (yrs.)
#42 – (108 ply)373Nylon Square Hung KnottedProfessional7-10+5
#42 – (60 ply)220HDPE Square Hung KnottedProfessional/College6-8+4
#36 – (96 ply)340Nylon Square Hung KnottedProfessional/College6-8+4
#36 – (54 ply)189HDPE Square Hung KnottedCollege/High School5-7+3
#24 – (42 ply)148HDPE Square Hung KnottedMiddle School/Rec. League4-6+2
*Break Strengths are approximate
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Twine Size (ply)Break Strength (lbs.)Net TypeLife Span (yrs.)Warranty (yrs.)
#62 – (3.5 mm)265HDPE Knotless – Square Hung – Professional7-105
#42 – (108 ply)373Nylon Knotted – Square Hung – Professional7-105
#42 – (60 ply)220HDPE Knotted – Square Hung – Professional/College6-84
#42 – (3.0 mm)190HDPE Knotless – Diamond Hung – College/High School4-63
#36 – (96 ply)340Nylon Knotted – Square Hung – Professional/College6-84
#36 – (54 ply)189HDPE Knotted – Square Hung – College/High School5-73
#36 – (2.5 mm)154HDPE Knotless – Diamond Hung – High School/Middle School4-62
#24 – (42 ply)148HDPE Knotted – Square Hung – Middle School/Rec. League4-62
#21 – (36 ply)128HDPE Knotted – Square Hung – Rec. League/Residential3-51
#18 – (27 ply)98HDPE Knotted – Square Hung – Residential2-41

All our batting cages are assembled with high quality materials and craftsmanship in a ISO9002 certified manufacturing facility. Because our cages are hand made, from the finest materials, we rarely have to deal with warranty issues. Our policy is to promptly and enthusiastically repair or replace at our option any product that is defective in materials or workmanship. You return the product to us, and we will pay for the shipping back to you. Naturally, netting products do incur normal wear and tear, and normal wear and tear is not considered a defect. If the product isn’t defective, but you change your mind, we will still accept returns on stock items. For custom orders we can’t accept returns, nor can we accept order cancellations after we have cut the netting. Stock items must be returned to us within 15 days and the product must be unused. We will reimburse you for the price you paid less a nominal 15% restocking charge. Naturally we don’t reimburse your shipping charges.

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Questions? Call (704)628-4136 or email sales@ultimatesportgyms.com

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