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Training Aids

Ultimate Sport Gyms carries a complete line of baseball and softball training aids. Our top of the line products will hone your skills needed to perform at your highest level. It’s all about the reps to create muscle memory. From pitching targets, soft-toss nets to swing trainers we have the training aids for you. As the old saying goes “Practice Makes Perfect “. With our selection of batting, pitching, and fielding aids you can have the tools needed to become the perfect player.

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    :BP Catcher" Pitching Target Portable Baseball Backstop
    This baseball backstop is great for use in little league or backyard use. The framework features 10'H x 15'W x 10'D, 1-5/8" powder-coated steel tubing and welded corner fittings. A wheel kit is included for easy transport on and off the field. The netting is a #36 High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) knotless. Breaks down for easy storage in the off-season.Free "BP Catcher" Pitching Target 
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    ultimate pitcher's target
    • Practice pitching with this life-like Pitching Target
    • 4' X 5'  18 oz. High Quality Vinyl Target (frame sold separately)
    • Use with 7' x 7' Frame behind home plate to speed up practice
    • Remove Target and use for Soft Toss w/full-perimeter size pouch catch net
    • Frame Includes a 1 5/8" O.D. steel tubing with snap-pin construction
    • Black powdercoat finish for superior protection against the elements
    • Breaks down for easy transport
    • Optional Wheel Kit Available
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    • For right handed/Left handed hitters
    • Promotes rotational swing mechanics
    • Great for Baseball and Fast Pitch Softball players
    • New height and tilt adjustments let you set the tee for your optimal swing path
    • Promotes slightly downward, level, or slightly upward swing path
    • Practice virtually any pitch height
    • Made from weather resistant galvanized stainless steel with a rubber-coated finish
    • Quick and easy to assemble
    • Swing-path bars keep your swing on track
    • Comes with two Retract-a-Balls to keep your training going without having to chase balls
    • Back hoop encourages hands-to-the-ball before releasing the bat head
    • Recommended for ages 9 & up
    • Weighs 30 lbs
    • 60 Day Manufacturer's Warranty
    • Instructo Swing teaches proper mechanics of the swing. Teaches proper eye position when swinging the bat-eliminates learning bad habits.
    • Multi-adjustable to teach level swing, upward swing and downward swing, both linear and rotational. Teaches players to hit inside, middle, and outside pitches.
    • Can incorporate home plate to learn the different hitting areas and hitting to different fields.
    • Teach players to hit low (hardest pitch to hit), middle, and high pitches
    • The Instructo Swing is for all ages; children to adults. Used by major league teams, and players in the minors, college, and high schools
    • Great training aide to teach players to become switch hitters and teaches players to hit to all fields.
    • Developed by Erik Laeske, hitting and fielding instructor to the Toronto Blue Jay's, and past association with the Boston Red Sox (Ted Williams & Wade Boggs on the "science of hitting")
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    portable Soft Toss w/ BP Catcher portable soft toss
    • High Tenacity Polypropylene (HTTP) resists weather better than nylon.
    • Hanging just in front of the back wall of the net is a replaceable impact panel/target.
    • Add the Optional Pitching Target and turn you Soft-Toss into a Pitching Trainer.
    • Fiberglass poles are .5" OD, 30% stronger than competitors.
    • It's durable and saves wear and tear on the body net.
    • Stable design renders included ground stakes largely unnecessary.
    • Breaks down quickly for easy transport
    • 86″W x 84″H x 44″D. Includes its own carry bag.
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    "BP Catcher" Pitching Target BP Catcher
    The BP Catcher Pitching Target is a digitally printed pitching target of a catcher in the set position. The BP Catcher target gives a pitcher a realistic image to focus on while practicing. The design of the "BP Catcher" allows you to hang it in your batting cage or from a variety of optional frames including a 5' x 5' Portable Flex Frame a 5' x 5' or 7' x 7' Heavy Duty Square Steel Tubing Frame.
    • 3' X 4' 18 oz. High-Quality Vinyl Target
    • Use with optional frames
    • Frames double as Soft-Toss Nets
    • Great Sit-in-Catcher for batting practice
    • Breaks down for easy transport
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    Frame Wheel Kit Soft Toss Nets

    Soft Toss Frame and Net



    • Standard Duty 1.5" O.D. steel tubing with locking snap-pin construction
    • Arched frame legs mean better stability on uneven surfaces
    • #36 PE double slide on pillowcase style net w/Posi-Lock stitching
    • Rubber end caps for legs protect floors and/or turf
    • Black powder coat finish for superior protection against the elements
    • Breaks down for easy transport
    • Optional Wheel Kit Available
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    • 25 oz. or 18 oz. Vinyl Backdrop
    • Protect the biggest wear area of you net
    • Grommets in the corners for hanging
    • With Stripes or Without
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    Louisville Slugger Dual Protective Screen

    The Louisville Slugger Portable Pitching Screen (L60115) is a great addition to your training program, and are designed to work with our best-selling UPM45 Blue Flame and Black Flame Ultimate Pitching Machines. The net is designed for quick setup and portablility and double as infielders screens when not in use with the UPM45 Blue Flame and Black Flame. Bring the screens anywhere with the included carrying back and have protection for the coach while pitching as well as players in the infield during practice.  Just the right size at 4 X 6 X 3, it is simple to move from place to place and still provides the protection you need.


    • Quick Setup, lightweight  and portable
    • Pitching screen doubles as an infielder's screen
    • Includes carry pack
    • Access hole for use with the ultimate pitching machine
    • Pitching Machine not included
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    High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)Net Soft Toss Nets

    Soft Toss Nets

    $99.00 $89.00


    • #36 PE double sided pillowcase style net
    • Fits 7' x 7' square frame
    • UV treated for maximum life

Our popular training aids!

The "BP Catcher" Pitching Target is our most Popular Training aid. Hang the target in your batting cage as a pitching target for pitching or batting practice. It can also be used in combination with a variety of frames as a stand-alone Pitching Target. The frames are made in such a way that when you're not practicing your pitching you can simply remove the "BP Catcher' Pitching Target and use the catch net as a soft-toss net. With its dual function, Pitching Target and Soft Toss net you can sharpen both your pitching and hitting skills with one device.