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Training Aids

Ultimate Sport Gyms carries a complete line of baseball and softball training aids. Our top of the line products will hone your skills needed to perform at your highest level. It’s all about the reps to create muscle memory. From pitching targets, soft-toss nets to swing trainers we have the training aids for you. As the old saying goes “Practice Makes Perfect “. With our selection of batting, pitching, and fielding aids you can have the tools needed to become the perfect player.

Our popular training aids!

The "BP Catcher" Pitching Target is our most Popular Training aid. Hang the target in your batting cage as a pitching target for pitching or batting practice. It can also be used in combination with a variety of frames as a stand-alone Pitching Target. The frames are made in such a way that when you're not practicing your pitching you can simply remove the "BP Catcher' Pitching Target and use the catch net as a soft-toss net. With its dual function, Pitching Target and Soft Toss net you can sharpen both your pitching and hitting skills with one device.


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